Arulmigu VanaBadrakaliamman Temple - Pooja Timings

Temple is being kept open for worship from - 6.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. on all days (everyday) and on Amavasai days kept open from - 5.00 A.M. to 8.30 P.M.

Kala santhi
06.00 A.M
12.00 P.M.
06.00 P.M.
08.00 P.M.

Prarthanai (Prarthana) importance

1) Mangalya Bagyam and Puthra Bagyam

2) Copper Thayathu (Raksha) will relieve from witchery, wily tricks and bodypain.

3) The holy copper-plate (Yanthram) blessed will flourish the business.

4) Nagar prayers will redeem Naga Thosha (Niverthi)

5) The flower selection in front of the Devi will predict the fortune.

6) Tuesday, Friday and Sunday Rahukala poojas with lemon lamp will bring blessings to women folk.

Abishega Aradhanai importance

1) Normal Abishegam On payment of Rs.20/- with Pongal and Abishegam articles brought by devotees.

2) Alangara Abishegam On payment of R.1000/- Abishegam will be performed with Abishegam articles supplied by the temple.

3) Nithya Pooja Kattalai Abishegam will be performed in a particular day specified by the devotee, every year, from the interest amount accrued on Fixed Deposit of Rs.2000/-.

4) Amavasai Kattalai On payment of Rs.600/- Abishegam will be performed on every Newmoon day in a year (excluding Aadi Amavasai)