Arulmigu VanaBadrakaliamman Temple - The story of Pagasooran

Sometime back there lived a monster by building a Fort on the west side of the “Neelamalai”. He was considered equal to Bheema and Dhuriyodhana in strength. He got many blessings and it is not possible to conquer him. He was always hungry and eats a lot. For the foodstuff, he used to trouble the nearby villagers. There was an order by the monster that the villagers should send him a cart full o foodstuff every day. At times, when the foodstuffs brought to him are found insufficient, he will kill the man who brought the foodstuff and bulls of the cart and ate them. The villagers found it very difficult and suffered a lot due to the monster.

On such an occasion, the Pandavas happened to be in that village. On hearing this misery, one day Bheema took the responsibility of carrying the foodstuffs and took the fully loaded cart to the place where the monster was living. By halting the cart at a little distance before the destination, he started eating the foodstuff. On seeing this, the monster became angry and came neared to Bheema with an intention to kill him, without knowing that the man present was none other than Bheema. Bheema prayed to the Goddess Kali and started fighting with the monster. The fight was something like two mountains are dashing against each other and finally with the blessings of Goddess Kali, Bheema won the fight. The Pagasooran was slowly dyeing and his ferociousness came to an end. He realized his mistakes and started weeping. He prayed to the Goddess to forgive him and to bless him with a place in the temple as a security guard. The Goddess conceded his prayer and blessed him. The Goddess also greeted Bheema and disappeared. The villagers were very happy and continued to lead a peaceful life.

With the blessings of the Goddess Badrakali, the Pagasooran became a security guard of the temple and thus the statues of Bheema and Pagasooran were installed in the temple. Devotees who visit the Vanabadrakaliamman Temple used to offer prayers to these two also.