Arulmigu VanaBadrakaliamman Temple - History

It is said that Aravalli, Sooravalli, Veeravalli along with their 7 Sisters ruled this area long back. They belonged to Reddy Community and were experts in Witchcraft. They were very powerful and were not conquered by any other rulers in that region. Many of them died in the war against these Sisters and some of them were taken as prisoners. The Pandavas and Dhuriyodhanas belong to this Era and were ruling in their own areas.

It was sometime earlier to the Bharatha Yudham that Lord Krishna narrated the details of the Aravalli Sisters, their valor and witchcraft to the Pandavas and requested them to ware war against these Aravalli Sisters. On this, the Bheema (One of the Pandavas) said that he will go and conquer them. He was moving towards this place by crossing so many thick forests. On hearing this news through Naratha, the Aravalli Sisters arranged to defend him by sending Tigers, Bears and Boars by using their witchcraft. But, Bheema beat them with his Thandayutham. He also overcame the witchcrafts by destroying them. Thereafter there was a competition in between Bheema and the Aravalli Sisters and Bheema was defeated and taken as a prisoner and was put in prison. Bheema returned and informed all about Aravalli Sisters to Pandavas. On knowing Bheema’s escape from the prison, the Aravalli Sisters sent a letter to Bheema criticizing his cowardly escape from the prison. The Pandavas discussed in detail and came to a conclusion that “Allimuthu”, son of Sanghavi, their sister is the most suitable person to conquer these Sisters and deputed him for the war. On his way, Allimuthu arrived at the VanaBadraKaliamman Temple and offered prayer and prayed for her blessing to win over the Aravalli Sisters. The Goddess Vanabadrakaliamman gave him a sword and Thiruneeru and blessed him for success. He fought a tough war and won over the Aravalli Sisters.

The Aravalli Sisters after suffering a defeat wished to win over him by adopting a different tactics. They begged him to pardon them for all their misdeeds and offered one of their daughter “Palvarisai” to Allimuthu as a gift of war and requested him to marry her. Allimuthu also accepted her and said that he will return back to his place and get the consent of the Pandavas and others and will marry her. On his way back along with Palvarisai, somehow he forgot the Thiruneeru given to him by Goddess Vanabadrakaliamman. He felt thirsty and fell unconscious. In order to bring back his consciousness, Palvarisai cut a lime given by her mother with powerful witchcraft and gave him the lime juice. On drinking the juice, Allimuthu fell down and died as a result of the witchcraft. Palvarisai was shocked very much on the death of Allimuthu and stood weeping. On hearing the news of Allimuthu’s death, the Pandavas became very angry and started towards Nellithurai for a war against the Aravalli Sisters. Abimanyu became very sad on hearing the news of death of Allimuthu and went to the Heaven and met Indran and with his help brought back the soul.

Allimuthu by putting it in a small locket and reached the place where the body of Allimuthu was kept. The soul merged with the body and Allimuthu got his life back. On hearing the happenings that took place from Allimuthu, the Pandavas started towards Aravalli pattinam and waged a war against the Aravalli Sisters. While nearing the Aravalli pattinam, the Pandavas, sent a request to Vanabadrakaliamman to extend her full help to overcome the war. They got the blessings from her and won the war. Of the seven sisters, one of them escaped and the remaining six were captured. They were put in prison and finally died. The sister who escaped from the war went to Malayala Desham and became Goddess with the name “Kambhalathu Bagawathi Amman”.

On conquering the Aravalli Sisters, the Pandavas visited the Vanabadrakaliamman Temple and offered their prayers and returned to their own place. The Palvarisai was renamed as “Valamma” and got married to Allimuthu. With the blessings of the Goddess Vanabadrakaliamman, the newly married couple lived a happy life for a long time.

A question arises in what way the above story is connected to the Vanabadrakaliamman Temple. People in this area say that there is every connection to this story and the temple. People believe that the Temple in the story and the Vanabadrakaliamman Temple are the one and the same. The Aravalli pattinam was latter called “Nellur” pattinam, located on the west side of Bhavani River. Nellithurai, Nellimalai, Nellur Kaadu, Panjali Kaadu are some of the names of villages in this area which goes to say that there is every possibility that the Aravalli story might have taken place in and around here. There is a place called Aravalli Kottai on the West side of Bhavani River.